These are the terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) applicable for the use of “mytradebook”

    The acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions constitutes a binding agreement between you and Greenwich Securities Limited (“GSL”). Upon your execution of this document, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with them, you must not proceed to register for and/or use “mytradebook”.

    GSL owns “mytradebook” and reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon posting the modification. You should check these Terms and Conditions periodically for modifications. If you use “mytradebook” after we post modifications to the Terms and Conditions, then you will be bound by such modifications. If you do not agree to any modification to the Terms and Condition, please do not continue to use “mytradebook”; instead, kindly send an e-mail to [email protected] to unsubscribe from the Services.

    These Terms and Conditions are in addition to any other agreements between you and the Greenwich (Greenwich Trust Limited, Greenwich Securities Limited, and Greenwich Asset Management Limited), any customer or account agreements, and any other agreements that govern your use of products, services, content, tools, and information available on “mytradebook”.


    The following definitions relate to these Terms and Conditions:

    Account” means your cash and stockbroking account with GSL, under which all your activity on “mytradebook” shall be conducted

    Agreement” means these Terms as may be varied by GSL from time to time, together with the terms contained in the Registration Form.

    Applicable Laws” means the Investment & Securities Act 2007, the Rules and Regulations made pursuant thereto, the Rules and Regulations of the Nigerian Stock Exchange Governing Dealing Members, and any other statute, statutory instrument, law, proclamation, order, regulation, notice, directive, or other instruments regulating the provision of the Services.

    Balance” means the unutilized funds available in your Account(s)

    • “Business Day” means a day (other than a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday declared by the Federal Government of Nigeria) on which banks in Lagos are open for normal banking business.

    Charges” means the fees and other charges inclusive of Transaction fees payable for the Services.

    Customer” means you and every other person in whose name an Account for the Services is registered.

    Debit” means the movement of funds out of your Account, and the term “Debited” shall be construed accordingly.

    Debit Transaction” means any transaction which results in a Debit to your Account.

    Information” means details to be provided in compliance with KYC requirements as provided from time to time in relevant Applicable Laws and such other information as may be required by GSL from time to time for the purposes of providing the Services in compliance with Applicable Laws.

    GSL” means Greenwich Securities Limited.

    Mandate” means instructions given via “mytradebook” to initiate a Transaction. Such instruction may be given by a click on any icon or by any other means provided in “mytradebook” as a means of confirming your instructions. Instructions given or confirmed by these means shall be taken as a valid mandate.

    “Network Service Provider” means the provider of Internet services for access to “mytradebook”.-

    PIN or Password” means your Personal Identification Number, being the secret code you use to access and operate your Account, which is issued to you when you register and which may subsequently be changed by you or by such other method we may prescribe from time to time.

    Pulicies” mean policies issued from time to time by GSL regulating various aspects of the Services.

    Registration Form” means the registration form containing registration details and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by you in the form attached hereto.

    Services” means brokerage and online trading services.

    SMS” means a short message service consisting of a text message transmitted from one mobile phone and/or computer to another mobile phone.

    “Software” means Zanibal Capital Market Trading Software Application and any software applications, systems, and programs developed by us, our licensors, or other third parties.

    Transaction” means any activity carried out by you through your account.

    We” or “Us” or “Our” means Greenwich Securities Limited

    Website” includes the Web portal and log-in page provided by us as a means of using the Services.

    You” or “Your” means the Customer.


    mytradebook is available to all users who have been duly registered by us. GSL reserves the right to decline your application for registration at its discretion.

    You will be required to provide relevant and accurate information about yourself as a condition for registration to use “mytradebook”. Upon satisfactory consideration of your application and activation of your Account, you will be able to carry out Transactions on “mytradebook” through a computer, your mobile device, or any appropriate equipment


    You are deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions contained herein and as amended from time to time upon registration on “mytradebook”, or otherwise upon use of “mytradebook”.


  • 5.1 - The Website is intended only for your personal, commercial use and display. You may download information from the Website to your computer and print out a hard copy for your personal reference, provided that you agree not to remove any copyright, trademark, or other notices contained therein.

  • 5.2 - GSL offers content from third-party providers on “mytradebook”. This content may include, but is not limited to, financial market data, quotes, news, analyst opinions, and research reports (the "Content"). GSL does not endorse or approve the Content, and we make it available to you only as a service and a convenience. GSL will endeavour to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the Content, materials, and products included and made available to you. However, due to the possibility of human and mechanical error and other factors, to the extent allowed by law, GSL does not—whether expressly, tacitly, or implicitly—represent, warrant, or in any other way guarantee the availability, truth, accuracy, completeness, or reliability of such information, or that it is always up to date. In addition, GSL does not guarantee the correct sequencing of the Content or warrant any results from your use or reliance on the Content.

  • 5.3 - The Content is provided “as is”, without any warranty or condition whatsoever. Neither GSL nor the third-party providers are obligated to update any information or opinions contained in any of the Content and may discontinue offering any Content on the System at any time without notice. You agree that neither GSL nor the third-party providers will be liable to you in any way for the termination, interruption, delay, or inaccuracy of any of the Content on “mytradebook”. You will not redistribute or facilitate the redistribution of any Content, nor will you provide access to the Content to anyone who is not authorized by GSL to receive the Content.


  • 6.1 - GSL provides self-directed investors with brokerage and online trading services. GSL does not make recommendations or offer investment advice of any kind. Please click here for GSL's disclaimer.

    GSL provides the content of the Website for informational, educational, and commercial purposes. Although GSL may provide data, information, and Content relating to investment approaches and opportunities to buy or sell securities, including mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, you should not construe any such information as investment, financial, tax, legal, or other advice. You will bear the sole responsibility of evaluating the merits and risks associated with the use of any data, information, or Content on the Website before making any decisions based on such data, information, or Content. In exchange for using such data, information, or Content, you agree to not hold GSL or its third-party content providers liable for any possible claim for damages arising from any decision you make based on information made available to you through “mytradebook”.


    You agree to pay the scale of fees and commissions as may be specified from time to time for each Transaction effected from your Account. The current applicable scale of fees and commissions are published for your reference at www.mytradebook.com.

    Fees payable on each Transaction will be deducted from your Account by GSL on the conclusion of each Transaction, and the contract note evidencing the Transaction shall be sent to you by automated e-mail; in the event that such contract notes are requested in hard copy, applicable rates shall apply. Such fees are subject to applicable levies and taxes at the then-prevailing rates. All charges payable by you in connection with the use of the Services will be debited from your Account without further recourse to you.


  • 8.1 - We shall provide Services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions as well as the Applicable Laws.

  • 8.2 - Access to your Account is subject to availability of broadband and Internet connectivity or quality of broadband or Internet connection; because GSL is not responsible for provision of broadband or Internet connectivity, you agree that GSL shall not be liable to you for any loss or injury suffered by you due to poor quality of or no broadband or Internet connectivity.

  • 8.3 - All Debit Transactions from your Account will be effected in accordance with the relevant GSL Service Policy.

  • 8.4 - You shall not be permitted to effect any Transactions from your Account in the event that you do not have sufficient balance in your Account to meet the value of the Transaction and Charges applicable thereto.

  • 8.5 - “mytradebook” will notify you of all Transactions effected on your Account by e-mail, SMS, and any other means of notification you select. Please note that some of the notification means may incur charges. “mytradebook's” records will be taken as correct unless the contrary is proved. If no notification is received from you within twenty-four (24) hours of such e-mail and/or SMS disclaiming any transaction specified in an e-mail and/or SMS, then the transaction will be deemed to have been confirmed and accepted. Please note that transactions alert fees may apply.

  • 8.6 - Upon the occurrence of any Transaction,“mytradebook” shall credit your Account once the sum is actually credited to or transferred to your Account and shall debit your Account further to the consummated transaction.

  • 8.7 - Any Transactions executed using your PIN/Password shall be effected and charged to your Account. You acknowledge that unless and until GSL receives notice from you that your PIN/Password is no longer secure, GSL is entitled to rely on the use of your PIN/Password as conclusive evidence that a Transaction has been authorised by you, even if it is actually made without your authority. GSL shall not require any written confirmation of any Transaction.

  • 8.8 - You agree that you will only use the channels provided by GSL to access the Services. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, arising from any Transactions not conducted through ”mytradebook” or the use of channels not provided by us to access the services

  • 8.9 - You fully understand and acknowledge that your Mandate(s) and other information provided to GSL through ”mytradebook” will be provided over the Internet, which is an unsecure public domain. Consequently, you hereby acknowledge that due to the associated risks of unlawful interception, corruption, non-delivery or mis-delivery, GSL cannot guarantee that such Mandate(s) or other information will remain confidential, or be free from interference, or be delivered in a timely manner, or at all.


  • 9.1 - You are required to select a PIN/Password during your registration that MUST remain known ONLY to you. This PIN/Password is mandatory for the use of the Services because no Transaction is effected without entering and validating the PIN/Password. You have five (5) attempts to enter the right PIN/Password. If you enter the wrong PIN/Password on your fifth attempt, the Account will be temporarily disabled until reactivated following the procedure provided in that regard by GSL. Please note that we shall have no liability for, and shall be indemnified by you on a full indemnity basis in respect of any damage, virus attack, or loss of data or device and breach of your security profile.

  • 9.2 - You authorize GSL to execute any Mandate given through the use of your PIN/Password. Once GSL is authorised by means of your PIN/Password, GSL is entitled to assume that the relevant Mandate(s) are your valid instructions and to rely on same. GSL is exempted from any form of liability whatsoever for executing any or all Mandate(s) given by means of or authenticated using your PIN/Password, if by any means your PIN/Password becomes known to a third party or otherwise becomes compromised. Once your PIN/Password is given, it shall be sufficient confirmation of the authenticity of the instruction received by GSL. You shall be responsible for any or all Mandate(s) given by means of or authenticated using your PIN/Password. Accordingly, you hereby agree that GSL shall not be responsible for any fraudulent, duplicate, or erroneous instructions given by means of your PIN/Password.

  • 9.3 - Where you discover or reasonably suspect that your PIN/Password is no longer secure or has been compromised, kindly log on to “mytradebook” and change your password immediately.

  • 9.4 - You shall immediately notify the Help Desk at [email protected] in the instance that you request to lock or disable your account(s) and shall promptly implement the PIN/Password reset procedure communicated to you in response to your notice to the Help Desk. GSL hereby undertakes to initiate and provide you with the relevant PIN/Password reset procedure within sixty (60) minutes of receipt by the Help Desk of your notification under this Clause 9.4.


  • 10.1 - We may suspend, restrict, or terminate the provision of the Services (in whole or in part) and/or close your Account without informing you and without any liability whatsoever under any of the following circumstances:

    • 10.1.1 - if we are aware or have reason to believe that your Account(s) is/are being used in an unauthorized, unlawful, improper, or fraudulent manner or for criminal activities or in contravention of these Terms and Conditions (or has been so used previously);

    • 10.1.2 - if you do not comply with any of the conditions relating to the Services, including these Terms and Conditions;

    • 10.1.3 - if you notify us that your PIN/Password has been lost or disclosed to any other party;

    • 10.1.4 - if you do anything (or allow anything to be done) which we think may damage or affect the operation or security of the Services;

    • 10.1.5 - where we are required to do so by regulatory authorities or in order to comply with provisions of any Applicable Law.

    • 10.1.6 - where we close your Account in accordance with the provisions of Clause 10.2.

  • 10.2 - We will close your Account upon receipt of your request to close your Account, provided that all outstanding obligations to GSL have been fulfilled.

  • 10.3 - Where the use of your Account has been suspended by GSL for any reason, you may reactivate your account in accordance with the procedure provided by us. Account reactivation may take ”three (3)” working days or such other time as may be specified to you from time to time. In cases where we exercise our right to not reactivate your Account, we shall take steps to liquidate your account in accordance with the procedure set out in the relevant Policy.

  • 10.4 - You agree that we shall not be liable for any loss or damage—whether direct, indirect, consequential, or special—including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, goodwill, or other intangible loses, whether or not we had been advised of the possibility of such damages arising from your use or inability to use the Services or ”mytradebook”.


  • 11.1 - For purposes of using the Services, you may be required to access, download, install, and or use certain software applications, systems, and programs developed by us, our licensors or other third parties (the “Software”). Your use of the Software shall be subject to the following:

    • 11.1.1 - upon access/download/installation of the software onto your mobile device or other equipment and completion of the prescribed registration and activation procedures, you will be granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Software.

    • 11.1.2 - you acknowledge and agree that you have no ownership rights, title, or interest to the Software and the computer programs contained therein;

    • 11.1.3 - you agree that all copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights used as part of the Services, Software, or contained on our documents are owned by GSL or its licensors and that reproduction of part or all of such protected material(s) is prohibited;

    • 11.1.4 - we are not responsible for any damage to your mobile device or other equipment resulting from the activities in clause 11.1.1, and you will be engaging in those activities at your own risk;

    • 11.1.5 - to enable your use of the Software, we and our licensors (or other third parties who have directly or indirectly granted rights in those software systems and programs with respect to the Services) will require you to agree to the terms and conditions of certain license rights arrangements and/or “end user” license agreements; by subscribing to the Services and to downloading and installing such Software, you will be evincing your acceptance of the terms and conditions of those arrangements and agreements;

    • 11.1.6 - we may also condition your use of some or all of those Software on your execution of, agreement to, or acknowledgement of such arrangements and agreements by your clicking “I Agree” or any dialogue box with similar terms when you register for the Services;

    • 11.1.7 - we and our service providers (which include, without limitation, any third-party provider of software) reserve all rights not granted to you in this Agreement and under the terms of those arrangements and agreements nothing in this Terms and Conditions or license granted hereunder will entitle you to receive hard copy documentation, technical support, telephone assistance, or updates to the software except at GSL’s discretion.

    • 11.1.8 - you agree to promptly delete the Software from your mobile equipment, computers and/or device if the license rights granted in this Agreement are terminated;

    • 11.1.9 - we reserve the right to change, add to, or terminate services with our third-party software solutions partners, to substitute different software solutions for the Software relating to the operation of the Services, and to enter into arrangements and agreements for the provision of software solutions with our licensors and third parties.

  • 11.2 - You will not (i) modify, revise, or create any derivative works of the Software; (ii) decompile, reverse engineer, or otherwise attempt to derive the source code for the Software; (iii) redistribute, sell, rent, lease, sublicense, or otherwise transfer rights to the Software; or (iv) remove or alter any proprietary notices, legends, symbols, or labels in the Software, including but not limited to any trademark, service mark, logo, or copyright.



  • 12.1 - You can download your statement from the Website at no cost to you.

  • 12.2 - A statement printout will be provided upon request and at a fee to show all the transactions on your Account. You must check each statement as soon as you receive it and inform us within 30 days of the date of the statement if you think that the statement is incorrect. If you do not do this within the specified timeframe, you thereby waive the right to dispute any transactions reflected on the statement or to recover any losses from unauthorized transactions reflected on the statement.


    We shall not be responsible for any loss arising from any failure, malfunction, or delay in any POS, mobile phone network and mobile phones, or such other devices used to access “mytradebook,”, the Internet, or terminals or any of its supporting or shared networks resulting from circumstances beyond our reasonable control.


  • 14.1 - We reserve the right to vary these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice to you. You will be notified of such variations through the Website and/or by using any other suitable means PROVIDED THAT you shall be deemed to have been notified of any such variations regardless that the same may not have actually come to your attention.

  • 14.2 - By continuing to use the Services, you shall be deemed to have agreed to the variations contemplated in Clause 14.1. If you do not accept any of the variations, then you must not continue to effect any Transactions, or you will be deemed to have accepted same.


  • 15.1 - GSL recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of all information provided by users of the System. The terms of GSL’s private policy on mytradebook.com/privacy are hereby incorporated into these Terms and Conditions. By your execution of these Terms and Conditions, you confirm that you have read and understand the Privacy Policy and hereby undertake to be bound and abide by its provisions. Without prejudice to the provisions of the Privacy Policy, the foregoing provisions are meant to affirm our utmost respect for your rights to privacy

  • 15.2 - GSL collects personally identifiable information that we use to profile “mytradebook” users and administer individual accounts, to update “mytradebook” databases, to provide user support, and in compliance with statutory requirements. This information may include the following: your name; address; job title; telephone number; e-mail address; and financial information necessary to conclude contracts or implement your Mandates and enable administration and management of Services or products to which you intend to or have subscribed. GSL will only collect information that is necessary for the provision of the product or service that you have subscribed to or to comply with its statutory obligations. The type of information collected will depend on the nature of the product or service demanded.

  • 15.3 - GSL undertakes to use reasonable effort to keep Information collected secure and shall only hold such information for as long as is reasonably necessary in the circumstances that you are registered or as required under relevant Applicable Law. GSL undertakes to not use the Information for any additional purposes without your prior consent. GSL will take all appropriate technical measures using recognized security procedures and tools in accordance with good industry practice to protect your personal information against loss, misuse, or interception by third parties, but, to the extent allowed by law, GSL assumes no liability for any damages you may suffer as a result of interception, alteration, or misuse of information transmitted over the Internet. While we use all reasonable endeavors to protect your security in the manner described above, we consider it only appropriate to advise users that data transmission over the Internet and the World Wide Web cannot be guaranteed as 100% secure, and that you therefore use the Website at your own risk.

  • 15.4 - Except as provided hereunder or required by an Applicable Law, GSL will not share your personal information with unauthorized persons, and adequate safeguards have been put in place to prevent unauthorized access and to ensure confidentiality of your personal information.

  • 15.5 - You acknowledge that by using the Services, some of your personal information may be passed on to third parties. You understand that GSL, as part of its statutory obligations as a capital market operator, is required to maintain records in relation to its operations, and you hereby consent to and authorize GSL to keep and compile records of your Transactions and Information provided pursuant to this agreement and to release same to relevant regulatory, governmental, and security agencies as may be required under Applicable Laws.

  • 15.6 - You accept that GSL shall have the right to monitor your account usage and may disclose personal information to local law enforcement or investigative agencies or any competent regulatory or governmental agencies to assist in the prevention, detection, or prosecution of money laundering activities, fraud, or other criminal activities.

  • 15.7 - You consent to us the right to make enquires of any credit record with any credit reference agency and any other party to confirm your details and to provide regular updates regarding the conduct of the Account to the credit reference agencies and allowing the credit reference agencies to in turn make the record and details available to other credit grantors.

  • 15.8 - You consent to us the right to carry out identity and fraud prevention checks and to share information relating to this application with the Nigerian police or any fraud prevention or security agency. You also consent to us providing details to the Nigerian police (or any other relevant security agency of any country) or any fraud prevention or security agency of any conduct on your account that gives us reasonable cause to suspect that the account is being used for improper purposes.


  • 16.1 - Your use of the System is on an “as is” and “as available” basis and, to the maximum extent permissible by law, we exclude warranties and conditions of all kinds, either express or implied.

  • 16.2 - We do not guarantee that the Services will be available at all times and we will not be responsible or liable for any loss whatsoever or howsoever arising as a consequence of any non-availability of the Services. The Services are not fault free and factors including but not limited to acts of God, geographical topography, weather conditions, planned maintenance, or rectification work on your Network Service Provider, failure of systems, or damage to data transmission infrastructures may interfere with the quality and provision of the Services.

  • 16.3 - The confidentiality of your communications is not guaranteed. You are advised that for reasons beyond our control, there is a risk that your communications may be unlawfully intercepted or accessed by those other than the intended recipient. We cannot accept any liability for any loss, injury, or damage, whether direct or consequential, arising out of any such compromise of confidentiality.


  • 17.1 - The address you supply on the Registration Form is regarded as your chosen address where notice may be given and documents in legal proceedings may be served. You must notify us immediately should your home, postal, or e-mail addresses or your mobile phone number change. We are entitled to send any notice to an e-mail address specified on your form unless we receive notification of any change in such information at least seven (7) days prior to the issuance of the notice.

  • 17.2 - Any correspondence that we send to you by courier will be considered to have arrived after seven (7) days of delivery to the courier provided that it is correctly addressed, and any correspondence sent to you by fax or e-mail will be considered to have arrived on the day that it was sent.

  • 17.3 - We are entitled to send you information via SMS to the contact mobile phone number supplied on your application form. These SMS are for information purposes only.

  • 17.4 - You should send any legal notice to us at our chosen address, 1698A, Oyin Jolayemi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos


  • 18.1 - We may allocate any money received from you or held on your behalf to settle any outstanding balance on your Account.

  • 18.2 - You must pay all your expenses in recovering any amount you owe us, including legal fees.

  • 18.3 - A favour or concession we may give you will not affect any of our rights against you.

  • 18.4 - A certificate signed by any of our managers (whose appointment needs not be proved) showing the amount you owe us is sufficient proof of the facts stated on the certificate unless the contrary is proved.

  • 18.5 - You must notify us if you are under an administration order, sequestration, or any other form of insolvency.

  • 18.6 - You must notify us immediately of any change of details on your Registration Form.

  • 18.7 - You agree that your information, including your personal information, your telephone conversation with our call centre, and your transactions will be recorded and stored for record-keeping purposes for Six (6) years from the date of closure of your account(s).

  • 18.8 - We are obliged by law to regularly update your personal particulars, such as your current residential address and contact information. We may contact you from time to time in this regard.

  • 18.9 -You accept that all the transactions effected on your mobile equipment are subject to other terms and conditions available on our website.

  • 18.10 - You are responsible for your connection to the Internet and all costs associated with that connection.

  • 18.11 - You agree that we shall not be liable for any loss or damage—whether direct, indirect, consequential, or special—including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, goodwill, or other intangible loses, whether or not we had been advised of the possibility of such damages arising from the use or inability to use the Services.

  • 18.12 - Any abusive and/or fraudulent usage of an Account and any false declaration will be subject to sanctions applicable to the laws in place in Nigeria.

  • 18.13 - Any cost incurred by us in recovering Transactions and undue payment made by you will be borne by you.

  • 18.14 - Any fee that could not have been debited from your account due to a fraudulent usage will be recovered along with interest at the prevailing lending interbank rate.

  • 18.15 - Any transaction or action from your Account triggering a malfunction of the system and requiring a technical intervention will be charged to you.


  • 19.1 - You agree that this Agreement and any dispute in relation thereto shall be governed by the laws of Nigeria.

  • 19.2 - You also agree to make all reasonable efforts to resolve any dispute arising out of or relating to or connected with the interpretation or any allegation or actual breach of this Agreement by mutual consultation within ten (10) Business Days of the occurrence of same.

  • 19.3 - Any dispute which cannot be mutually resolved shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act (Cap. A18) LFN 2004 or any statutory re-enactment or modification thereof. The arbitration panel shall consist of three (3) arbitrators: one appointed by you, a second arbitrator appointed by us, and the third, who shall preside over the panel, shall be appointed by the two (2) arbitrators appointed by the Parties. Where either you or we fail to appoint an arbitrator and/or the two (2) appointed arbitrators are unable to agree on the choice of the third arbitrator within two (2) business days of their own independent appointments, the choice of same shall be referred to the Chairman of the Nigerian Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK), who shall nominate such arbitrator.

  • 19.4 - The arbitral proceedings shall be held in Lagos, and shall be conducted in the English language.

  • 19.5 - - The award of the arbitrator shall be conclusive and binding on all the parties, and may be entered as an award or judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction.

This Website is created, hosted, maintained and controlled in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, thus the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the jurisdiction of the Nigerian courts govern this Privacy Policy, any disclaimers, copyright and use statements contained in the Website, and any legal matter resulting from the use or inability to use this Website, without giving effect to any principle of conflict of laws. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Greenwich Securities Limited may seek recourse in any jurisdiction worldwide in order to restrain the unlawful use of any material contained in the Website. Read more...

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