Trading via mytradebook application will allow you experience a new world of trading by facilitating the speedy execution of transactions with convenience. Below are a few other reasons why you should sign up on mytradebook:

Access to the Nigerian Stock Exchange:

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) is the largest market in West Africa. It records an average daily trading value of USD 26.1 million and has an aggregate market capitalization of USD 82.2 billion.
Over 200 securities are listed on the NSE.

Increase your wealth with superior returns in the Equities Market:

The NSE returned 47.2% to investors in 2013. Trading through this Portal will enable you to partake of the opportunities the market presents, thereby enhancing wealth for yourself.

Diversification of portfolio:

mytradebook facilitates trading in various asset classes including stock, bonds and treasury bills.

Transparency in Trading:

Receive alerts immediately your trades are executed.

Quick Investment Decision:

With the various portfolio valuation updates on mytradebook, you could quickly assess the performance of your portfolio and enable you make informed decisions. Be the first to hit the market, as our FIX-enabled platform is directly linked to the floor of the Exchange.


  • Ability to trade in various classes of assets, including equities and fixed income securities.
  • Direct interface with the NSE using our FIX-enabled online platform, you can trade at your convenience without the help of any broker.
  • Ability to place orders online through any device.
  • Ability to stay active and connected to the market anywhere you are.
  • Ability to monitor and retrieve your transaction history.
  • Access to detailed valuation reports.
  • Prompt feedback on the status of mandates or orders.
  • Accounts can be funded on the portal.

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Funding Your Account

  1. Call customer service on (+234)-1-6310936
  2. Send payment confirmation to [email protected] for onward credit into your account
  3. Notification will be sent after the account has been credited
  4. Call customer service on the line mentioned above in case of any issue